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What made The Beatles so popular?

The Beatles, one of the, if not the most popular rock band in the whole history of the music. They were loved by millions and millions of people all around the world. They were real phenomena. They were even unable to walk in public without fans literally attacking them and screaming hysterically when they would see them. In some cases, they would literally need a police protection from their own fans. Many women would faint if they would get even a glimps of them in a real life. Their private life was hard, but it was the cost of their great music that they have created trough the years of their existence as a band. In this article, we will talk about what have made Beatles so popular and why people still love their music. So let`s start.


They have invented a whole new style of music

This is probably the biggest reason that they have become famous. They have brought something new to the table, whole different type of music. They set stepping stone of the future of the music. Before them, you were able to get a contract as a band even if you didn`t write your own songs. But Beatles have changed that, from that they on, you would not be able to get a contract if you didn`t write your own songs. That is why since of the mid 60s every band owes their success to the Beatless themselves.


They never thought just about selling a large number of records

Beatles were very focused on inventing and creating new ways to play and create music. There is a chance that some music artist will become as popular as Beatles or Elvis. But they won`t do it by creating songs in already established music genres. They would need to be able to create something new, something that people will love, they would need to create a whole new music revolution if they would want to get to the level of Beatles and Elvis. There were many attempts of creating new subgenres and many of them succeeded, but no of those bands have ever come close to the popularity and quality of the music that Beatles have created.


Beatles as a band have grown so much from their start to their end

They have started as a standard rock and roll band, they have sing Chuck Berry covers, citing influences like Buddy Hollyday and the Everly Brothers. Their early compositions do include „She Loves You“. „Please Please Me“ and other songs for which Paul McCartney freely admitted were made for the girls. If you want to hear the real quality of their work, then you need to listen to their sixth studio album released „Rubber Soul“ then the second Beatles album „British A Hard Day`s Night“ which contained only original material. In had contained classics lie „Norwegian Wood“, Nowhere Man“, and „In My Life“. They have grown from a rock“n“ roll bands to a songwriting giant which was amazing for its time. And that was only the beginning of their growth as a world renowned band.

Their album „Revolver“ had stormed the world and take over it. People were aware that this album was full of innovation, new sounds, and lyrics. But no one realized then how much it was in front of its time. But it didn`t take a lot of time to be eclipsed. The impact of Sgt. Pepper`s „Lonely Hearths Club Band“ album that was released in 1967 cannot be overstated. The college comprises were deserted for students that have played it over and over again. Musicians all over the world have shut themselves from the rest of the world and tried to think of the way to reach that type of quality that Beatles have reached. And no one was successful.


Beatles are definitely the best band that have ever existed. They were so innovative, they have made so many great songs, so many great albums that were adored by millions and millions of fans all over the world. Still, no one has come close to the popularity and the quality of music that Beatles have set. And it will probably stay that way. Because they were geniuses that only are born once in millennia. So, cherish the music that they left us, and be sure that without them we would not have the music as we have it today.