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The history of rock music

One of the most popular music genres is definitely rock and roll. Music today would not be the same without the rock and roll. The generations and generations of people have grown up with this kind of music. It literally had changed the world, spread the messages, allowed people to express themselves as they wanted. Rock is probably the most important music genre of the 20th century, and it still kicking today with many amazing artists who produce an amazing piece of art, and of curse, amazing piece of the rock music. In this article, we will talk about the history of rock music. From the time when it was created to the modern times and the impact that it had left on our society.

The start of the Rock music

Rock music, originally known as „rock and roll“ was created in the United States in the early 1950s, and in 1960s it had developed into many different styles, even nowadays there are new styles of rock made. Those new styles of rock were mostly made inside the United States and the United Kingdom. Rock even have its roots in the 1940s and from already mentioned 1950s rock and roll. This style of music has drawn heavily from African-American genres of blues and rhythm and blues, and also from country music. Rock has also drawn from other genres of music, like electric blues and folk, it has also incorporated influences from jazz, classical music, and other musical styles. Rock itself is mostly centered around the electric guitar, and usually, you can find electric bass and drums and singer as a standard for any rock band. Usually, rock songs are based on 4/4 time signature and they use verse-chorus form, but with time this genre has become extremely diverse. Main topics of rock songs are usually stressed romantic love, but it also can address a very wide variety of other themes, like for example social or political themes.

The classic rock was the period of the rock music until the late 1960s, after that years there were a number of distinct music subgenres that were very different from the standard put by „Classic Rock“. Most popular subgenres that have emerged are blues rock, folk rock, country rock, raga rock and, probably most popular jazz-rock. Many of these subgenres have contributed to the development of the psychedelic rock, which was very influenced by countercultural psychedelic and hippie scene. After those ones, rock didn`t stop to develop and bring new subgenres, like progressive rock which pronounces artistic elements in songs, and glam rock, which is best in highlighting showmanship and visual style, and the diverse and enduring subgenre of the heavy metal, which main strengths are, emphasized volume, power and the speed of playing the songs. In the second half of the 1970s, we got punk rock which was the way for people to send the political messages and say to politicians what people really do think about them and how they run their country.

Punk itself was biggers influence in the 1980s for a new wave, a post-punk era which eventually has lead to alternative rock. From the start of the 1990s, alternative rock has begone to dominate rock music and it was able to break into the mainstream in a form of different subgenres, like grunge, Britpop and indie rock. Since then there were, even more, fusions of subgenres of rock, the likes of pop punk, rap rock, and rap metal. But there were also conscious attempts to revisit the old, classic rock as it used to be. In the 2000s there are even more new genres of the rock, like garage rock/post-punk and synth pop.


Why had rock music become so popular?

Rock music has become so popular because it has embodied and served as a vehicle for many cultural social movements. Which have to lead to major subcultures including mods and rockers in the UK and hippie counterculture that had spread all around the United States from San Francisco in the 1960s, 19070s punk has also spawned the goth and emo subcultures. And it had inherited the prime as traditional protest songs from folk songs.  Rock itself was highly associated with political activism as well to many changes of views on social attitudes to race, sex, and drug use. It also often seen as the expression of the youth against adult consumerism and conformity. Rock had helped to many people to unite against the „Big man“ who did only the things that were beneficial to them and no one else. Rock music and hippie subculture had so much power that they were almost able to stop the war in Vietnam.

Rock music is the probably only type of music that you can say what you want. Type of genre that is not closed in with some „must do“. You can sing about anything that you want. About love, hate, social problems, injustice around the world, about the corrupt politicians, you name it. That is what really makes this music genre so special. It was only music genre that has made some real changes all around the world. That is also why people who listen to rock music are so passionate. Because it is not only music to them. To them, it is a message, an expression of what they think, for what they do fight for, the reason why they keep moving forward in their lives. There is no stronger push for change then great rock song with a strong and relevant message.

Rock music is one of rare music genres that had spawned so many subgenres, which has stayed relevant for so many years. Rock is over 60 years old and it still bringing us some amazing songs, messages, artists which love this type of music. Alongside pop music, rock music is most popular music genre in the whole world. And we all know why is that. Maybe rock is not as popular as it used to be in the past. But it is still strong and it won`t go away anytime soon. That is for sure.