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New hot pop music albums releases

Last year we had some amazing pop albums released. Every pop music lover had something for themselves to listen.  But what has 2017 to offer? Well, we get even better albums than we got last year? Well, all of us hope so. And we would be right. There are some amazing upcoming and already released pop albums of 2017. This year definitely had shown potential to be even better than last. In this article, we will name all the best and upcoming pop album releases of 2017. In no particular order, let`s  start.
1.The Chainsmokers – „Memories: Do not Open“

This amazing duo has already taken us all with their last year release which featured their huge anthems like „Closer“ and „Doesn’t Let Me Go“. With the release of „Paris“ which is already becoming one of the biggest tracks of 2017, we were hyped when they slipped the release of their debut record album on Entertainment Tonight. The album has dropped on 7th of April. And, oh man, is this album just amazing. It is definitely one of the best pop albums of 2017 so far. And it will be definitely one of the best of the whole year. That is for sure.


2.Ed Sheeran – „÷“

Ed Sheeran is definitely one of the best musicians of our time. The songs like „A team“ „Sing“ and „Photograph“ have already become an instant classic of the modern pop music genre. And his new album „÷“ is no different. It is one of the best pop albums that we have a head in the last few years. The songs like „Shape of you“ and „Castle On The Hill“ are one of the best pop songs of the whole year, if not, of the last few years. Ed Sheeran definitely knows what he is doing and how to make the pop music feel new and exciting.


3.Taylor Swift – Sixth Studio Album

Taylor Swift is on a top of many music charts for many years. And that is a reason. Her type of music is unique, but, yet, still familiar to all of us. That is why people love to hear the type of music. Her new album should possibly drop this year. But we still don`t have any confirmation that this will be the case. We can only hope that we will get what we all are waiting for.


4.Calvin Harris – Fifth Studio Album

With hits like „My Way“ and „This Is What You Come For“ which are dominating dance floors all around the world in last few moths. We would all want to get a new album from this amazing artist. But will that be really the case? Will we really get the new album this year from Calvin Harris? We can only hope. If it drops this year, it will be fifth studio album done by Calvin Harris. We can only hope that we will get it this year. Let`s just wait and see what time will bring.


5.Justin Timberlake – Fifth Studio Album

This well-renowned musician has amazing career behind himself. Some amazing hits that have become all time classic, and some new songs like „Can`t Stop The Feeling“ which was a major hit of 2016. It has already passed 4 years from his last studio album. We should be getting something new from JT, it is a time. We can hope that this year something will drop from JT and that we will get what we have been waiting for over 4 years.


6.Maroon 5 – Sixth Studio Album

One of the best pop/rock bands of our time had released their last album in the 201 named „V“ which was a gift to all people who love pop music or music overall.  Usually they favorite summer releases, so we can only hope that they will drop their sixth studio album this year. It has passed too long from their last album. Even thought it was a pure perfection, we want something new from this amazing artist. And we really hope that we will get it this year.


7.Sia – „We Are Your Children“

In eyes of many people, Sia can`t do wrong. Her music is so unique, so full of quality and amazing lyrics is no surprise that people love her. She used to write songs for likes of Rihanna, Britney Spears, and Cheryl. This only shows how much quality lies inside this one person. Her new album „We Are Your Children“ should come out this year. But there is a chance that it won`t be released this year. This could be definitely a sad news for her fans. But nothing is still concluded, we could still get her now album this year. Let us hope that this will be the case.


8.Rita Ora – Second Studio Album

We didn`t get a new album from Rita since 2012 and her debut album „Ora“. But luckily, Rita Ora has made some comments that could bring our hopes up. There is a big possibility that we will get her new album this year! But, will it really happen? Only time will tell. Let just hope that it will happen this year and that album will be amazing as much as she is!


9.Iggy Azalea – „Digital Distortion“

Her second studio album has dropped this January, and it is really amazing! And is should be because we have waited for a very long time for her second studio album. „Digital Distortion“ is all that you wanted from artist like Iggy Azalea. The lyrics are awesome, the melody is awesome, everything had fallen in the right place. We can only hope that we won`t wait that long for her third studio album. Because we need more of Iggy Azalea in our lives.


10.Miley Cyrus – Sixt Studio Album

From a Disney channel star, to the real and established music artist. Miley Cyrus had turbulent, very exciting, and amazing career. We have been waiting for too long for her next album, for more than 4 years since her major hit „Wrecking Ball“ from her last album „Bangerz“ which was released in 2013. We have waited for too long Miley, and we really hope that you will release something new for us this year. Hopefully, a whole new studio album!