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Importance of security service for downloading music from the web

All of us are taught not to receive things offered by strangers because often, the hazards of such activity outweigh the benefits. But in the anonymous world of the web, the opposite happens to be the norm – we receive from strangers without a second thought. Today, even the diehard music lovers, who always prefer to listen to their favorite music on CD, may rarely find any inconvenience while downloading music from the web. The appeal of getting instant access to a huge collection of millions of tracks from different conceivable musical genres is simply irresistible. But this initial allure can disappear fast when you consider the harms of downloading music from the web. Let’s have a quick look at the risks.

• Installing spyware that empowers cybercriminals to access your private information for identity theft or financial gain.

• Downloading illegal/offensive material and viruses disguised as something else.

• Allowing viruses inadvertently to get into your pc from the websites.

• Breaching copyright. Although downloading of free music can be tempting, it’s illegal to pirate content that’s under copyright.

However, there’re various measures that you can deploy to maintain your security when downloading music files. Using a VPN for PC, updated anti-viruses and online security programs can be of great help. Let’s see how these add an additional layer of security to your computer.

A VPN service: When you use public Wi-Fi connections for downloading, your web activity can be seen by people in the vicinity, if they know the tricks, thus compromising your security. By using a VPN service, you can keep those activities a bit more private. When you connect to a VPN, the local network only sees a secure, single VPN connection. VPNs also allow you to obtain access to geo-restricted websites, helping you enjoy your favorite music files from anywhere.

• Anti-viruses: Never download anything if you’re not protected properly by an antivirus. First, launch the antivirus, hit its “update” tool and ensure that live-scanning is turned on. There’re lots of antivirus software - both paid and free versions, available in the market today. Luckily, you can get some of the best ones for free. Here’s a list of some of the best free anti-viruses that are capable of providing adequate security to your pc. o Avast Free Antivirus o Kaspersky Free o AVG Antivirus Free o Microsoft Security Essentials o Panda Protection

• Web services: Once you’ve found your favorite music files on a website that looks trustworthy, re-confirm its safety quotient by entering its url into any online safety tool. These tools will tell you about the site’s security reputation.

Apart from these factors, one of the most delicate things about downloading music is to understand whether a website is legitimate or not. You can find lots of free music available for downloading on websites like “Free Music Archive”, “Jamendo”, “Amazon” etc, which are generally considered safe.