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How to release the album?

If you are a musician then you probably know the importance of releasing your first album. Realizing the album shows you that you are becoming a real musician, that you are really giving it all. That you really want to make the music your life, your source of income. Every amateur musician dreams about this moment, the moment that could change his life forever.  Now is the question how do you release your first album? What are the steps that you need to take so you could release your first album? Is it really a risk worth of taking? If you are reading this, then it probably is, and we will give you the tips to do so. So let`s start.


  1. Try to create awareness while your album is still in works

This should be a no-brainer, but if you didn`t think of it, at least now you know. You need to create awareness that you will release an album any way that you know. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Newsletter, any other kind of social media or way of communication to make people aware that you will release the album. You need to make people aware, otherwise, no one will know that you have released your album, and no one will buy it. And that is definitely something that you don`t want.


2.Release a single at least 1-3 months before you release the album

You would be amazed what can only one single do for the future of your album. When you release the single, people will know what kind of music they can expect from you. What kind of message you are sending with your lyrics. It can also show you how much interest is there for your album. This will give you the opportunity to plan in forward what kind of release you want to make based on the reception of the public on the basis of your single. You should release your single through social media sites because it is free and you can reach the biggest audience possible.


3.Shoot a music video

You can`t release a serious album without at least one serious music video.  But you should definitely do the music video for your single. You don`t have to have a big budget. You would be amazed how much you can do with a small budget, especially if you are a creative person. Then the only sky is a limit.


4.You need to have an album release party

Having the album releasing party is the best way to connect with your potential fans. This will allow you to have real interactions with your fans, you will also see how much interest there is for your album. You need to make it special, make it different than al the usual album release parties. You need to give a reason for people to come for your album release. And the best way that you can do that is to make the whole experience one of a kind.


5.Reach the press

If you want to have even better coverage of your first album release, try to contact the press. Try to contact all the press that you know, send them your single, also send them your whole album. That way you will definitely get some interest by the press. There is no way that every single press site or company would not show the interest. Some of them definitely will. And with that, you also have open the doors for a potentially bigger audience who are just waiting for that „new“ thing in music. And you might just be it.


Releasing your first album can really be a hard and daunting task. But believe us, when you do it, you will be glad that you did. You will be glad that you give you’re all in the production, in songwriting and playing those songs, that you gave your heart and soul. Because, in the end, you will release that you have done the best possible job and that there is nothing to feel bad for because you have to give it all to make your fist album the best possible musical achievement that you could reach.