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What music should your kids listen to?

Music is very important in a development of kids brains and their intellectual capabilities. It can help them in the more than one way. Music is great just to listen, but it can be even better if you can create your own music and play it. The reality is that there are many music genres…
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What made The Beatles so popular?

The Beatles, one of the, if not the most popular rock band in the whole history of the music. They were loved by millions and millions of people all around the world. They were real phenomena. They were even unable to walk in public without fans literally attacking them and screaming hysterically when they would…
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The history of rock music

One of the most popular music genres is definitely rock and roll. Music today would not be the same without the rock and roll. The generations and generations of people have grown up with this kind of music. It literally had changed the world, spread the messages, allowed people to express themselves as they wanted.…
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The benefits of music education

Music is a part of our culture for thousands and thousands of years. We as a species have developed this need which is unique only to us. We still don`t understand when exactly when we played the first note. But things that we know for sure are that we love music as species and that…
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New hot pop music albums releases

Last year we had some amazing pop albums released. Every pop music lover had something for themselves to listen. ┬áBut what has 2017 to offer? Well, we get even better albums than we got last year? Well, all of us hope so. And we would be right. There are some amazing upcoming and already released…
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How to release the album?

If you are a musician then you probably know the importance of releasing your first album. Realizing the album shows you that you are becoming a real musician, that you are really giving it all. That you really want to make the music your life, your source of income. Every amateur musician dreams about this…
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